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    An intense and fun summer camp is the best way to prepare for the upcoming season

    Premier Debate is dedicated to excellence in education, coaching, and discussion of nationally competitive debate. We offer one, two, and three week residential and day camps for high school and middle school debaters. Students come to our camps from all over the country, including Arizona, California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. Our faculty have decades of debate experience as coaches and competitors across all speech and debate events.


  • 2-Week Main Session (June 24 - July 8)

    Intense and fun two-week debate camp in Los Angeles, California.

  • 1-Week Drill Session (July 8 - July 15)

    One week of drills, practice debates, and camp tournament following the main session in Los Angeles, California.

  • 1-Week Focus Session (July 15 - July 22)

    One week for mastering particular debate styles, such as philosophy, kritik, and policy debate in Los Angeles, California.


  • 64


    Since Fall 2015, Premier alums have earned over 64 TOC bids. 20% of all alums have earned TOC bids.

  • 57


    In the past three months, Premier alums have appeared in over 57 elimination rounds.

  • 95.5


    95.5% of Premier alums rated the camp 8/10 or above in our post-camp evaluation surveys.

  • 100


    Directors Bob & John have coached debaters to outrounds at TOC for 7 years running, including 1 champion, 1 semifinalist, 2 quarterfinalists and 1 top speaker.


The core curriculum is taught by top faculty and supplemented by electives on selected philosophy, theory, policy, and skills topics. Debaters can expect most days to follow this schedule:

Morning lab: Throughout the two week session, students will spend time with their lab, a class grouped by skill level and interests with about a dozen students and 2-3 faculty. Premier will maintain a balance of senior staff who are experienced teachers, and college staff who have recent debating experience. We design all of our content to be responsive to the specific skill level of the small group lab.

Core lecture and drills: Students will attend a mandatory lecture on the camp core that will be tailored to their skill level. For example, novices or debaters with only one year of experience may take Intro to Kantian Philosophy, while the most experienced debaters will take an advanced lecture on contemporary literature, different metaethical approaches employed by Kantian philosophers, and responses to critics.

Lunch: Students will have access to the university’s dining halls and student union, which typically have a variety of food, including fast food restaurants. We are able to accommodate any specific dietary needs. The cost of meals are included in tuition.

Afternoon lab: Up to the discretion of the lab leaders, this block may include practice debates, drills, or supplementary lecture material. In the second week, practice debates will be a daily feature of all labs.

Electives: Students will have the option to attend lectures on subjects of their choosing. In the past, we've run electives on the principles of strategy, afropessimism kritiks, the politics disad, and feminism.

Dinner: Students will go to the dining hall and choose from a wide variety of healthy and delicious meals that rotate daily.

Evening: Our most frequent evening event is office hours where students have a chance to work with instructors 1-on-1 and clear up any questions they may have from the day. Demonstration debates and lectures are also common in this timeslot. Occasionally, we'll have camp-wide special events like trivia competitions, building competitions, relay races or scavenger hunts!


Check back for Faculty updates throughout the season!

  • John Scoggin

    Co-Director, coached over 100 TOC bids, 2x TOC finalists, TOC top speaker, and champions of many state/invitational tournaments. Expert in debate theory, strategy, policy-style argument.

  • Tim Alderete

    Senior Faculty, debate coach at The Meadows School (NV), coached for 30 years (including state champions in NC, MI, and IL), taught camps for over 25 years, led over 40 labs. Expert in research and policy debate.

  • Katya Ehresman

    Senior Faculty, former champion of Churchill and the Hockaday Women's RR, coached many elim rounds in her young career, works with debaters in CA, TX, and MN. Expert in kritiks, performance, identity politics, Deleuze.

  • Danny Frank-Siegel

    Senior Faculty, head LD coach of Edina High School with policy and LD experience, four TOC bid rounds and one bid. Expert in kritiks, k affs, util debates.

  • Alan George

    Junior Faculty, president of Klein Oak's debate team, earned four TOC bids so far, semifinals of Greenhill, 5th in Big Questions Debate at NSDA Nationals. Expert in judge adaptation, topicality, Deleuze.

  • Emmiee Malyugina

    Senior Faculty, debated LD and policy, qualified to TOC with many elim appearances and round robin invitations. Expert in policy-style debate.

  • John Overing

    Senior Faculty & VP of Marketing, former champion of Golden Desert, competed in many round robins and earned six TOC bids. Expert in transitioning to circuit debate, policy-style debate, stock kritiks.

  • Xavier Roberts-Gaal

    Senior Faculty, TOC qualifier, two-time semifinalist at NCFL Nationals, has coached many TOC bids. Expert in philosophy/framework debate, aff construction, crystallization.

  • Bo Slade

    Senior Faculty & VP of Marketing, qualified to TOC, reached many elim rounds, champion of the Jack Howe Invitational. Expert in the politics disad, case research, topicality, policy-style debate.

  • Parker Whitfill

    Senior Faculty, TOC champion, late elim round participant at many tournaments, top 5 speaker awards at three. Expert in theory, evidence comparison, util debate, strategy.

  • Jong Hak Won

    Senior Faculty, TOC qualifier, seven TOC bids, finals of the Stanford Invitational. Expert in policy-style debate, transitioning to circuit debate.

  • Frances Zhuang

    Junior Faculty, two-time TOC qualifier, 5 career bids (so far), champion of UPS and Presentation RR, president of Palo Alto HS speech/debate. Expert in Ks, aff strategy, policy, and succeeding from a small school.


Don't take our word for it! Read what previous campers have to say:


Registrants will receive more information via e-mail about travel as camp approaches. For overview information on travel dates, transportation, airports, unaccompanied minors, packing lists and more, please see our travel page.


at California State University, Northridge

Commitment to need-based aid

Premier Debate is committed to providing need-based aid so that all students can receive the training and tools they need to succeed in competitive debate. Every year we receive far more applications for financial aid than we can fill, so we are now partnering with the Voices Foundation and will match their generous scholarships to our summer debate programs. For more information on financial aid, please e-mail us or use our contact form on the homepage. Additionally, if you or your business would like to make a donation toward a scholarship for an underprivileged debater, please fill out this form.