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Premier Debate Coaching

Virtual coaching and team prep for debaters of all skill levels


    Premier Debate organizes online coaching and tournament preparation and offers a team of debaters and coaches for preparing throughout the season. We cater to debaters of all styles and skill levels.

    Online sessions:
    • Work with expert coaches for several hours every week
    • Drill to improve your weaknesses or sharpen your strengths
    • Ask questions in a one-on-one coaching setting

    Tournament preparation:
    • Coaches help develop research, cases, and strategies
    • Access to team Dropbox with ready aff and neg positions
    • Team members to practice debate against during sessions

    Other features:
    • Team groupchat for discussing ideas and strategies with the whole squad
    • Options for on-site coaching at tournaments
    • Discounted rate for our Premier Online Winter Camp



  • John Scoggin

    Coached over 100 TOC bids, 2x TOC finalists, TOC top speaker, and champions of many tournaments. Expert in debate theory, strategy and policy-style argument.

  • Bob Overing

    Former #1 high school debater, coached 2017 TOC semifinalist and three state champions. Expert in research, drills, and moral/political philosophy.

  • Richard Shmikler

    Former TOC finalist, NSDA Nationals finalist, and MN State finalist. Expert in debate theory, "tricks," and lay debate.

  • John Overing

    Former champion of Golden Desert, competed in many round robins and earned six TOC bids. Expert in transitioning to circuit debate, policy-style debate, and stock kritiks.

  • Katya Ehresman

    Former champion of Churchill and the Hockaday Women's RR, coached many elim rounds in her young career, works with debaters in CA, TX, and MN. Expert in kritiks, performance, identity politics, and Deleuze.

  • Amy Santos

    Former semi-finalist at NDCA, reached many elim rounds and won speaker awards at multiple bid tournaments. Expert in kritiks, performance, and feminist literature.

Premier Lectures

In case you missed Premier Debate Winter Camp, we are offering the lecture content and accompanying materials for $195 throughout January-February. For purchase or any other questions, please e-mail us through

Lecture 1 – Jan-Feb metagame analysis (Bob Overing) – free sample part 1, part 2

Lecture 2 – Jan-Feb legal concepts (John Scoggin)

Lecture 3 – Jan-Feb race arguments (Bob Overing)

Lecture 4 – Jan-Feb legal philosophy & framework arguments (Xavier Roberts-Gaal)

Lecture 5 – Jan-Feb political arguments (Bo Slade)

Lecture 6 – Jan-Feb counterplans and topicality (Xavier Roberts-Gaal)

Lecture 7 – Jan-Feb lay debate tips and tricks (Bo Slade & Bob Overing)